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A Note To Potential Home Sellers…

  • Choosing the best realtor!

    If you are like most people, selling your home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. The process can be daunting and you will have many questions that need to be answered. There are many important issues and details which need to be handled correctly. Choosing the best realtor to market and negotiate your home sale can make all the difference! Having the right realtor representing you can mean turning a potentially difficult and stressful process into one that is comfortable, informed, and an even pleasant experience! As the top selling agent in Midland, Texas since 1998, Victoria is qualified to assist you with all of your real estate needs! She and our team would be privileged to do just that!
  • We are organized differently.

    At The Victoria Printz Team, Realtors®, we have organized the whole buying/selling process differently than anyone else in town. It is a system that works smoothly and efficiently. We would love for you to benefit from what we have been putting into practice! Other real estate companies are made up of realtors, (independent contractors), who work for themselves under a parent company name. One agent typically handles all of their own transactions; i.e. all buyers, all sellers, all marketing, all advertising, inspections, repair negotiation, closings and all the legwork/paperwork that is required to pull it all together. So what happens when that one agent has a conflict or is simply too busy to do it all? Someone gets "put on hold"…it may be you! That may cost you a great sale onseven your home, or the opportunity to purchase the right home for you…because that one agent simply could not do it all!
  • We have 13 members on our team.

    At The Victoria Printz Team, Realtors®, we have thirteen members on our team. Eleven members are licensed agents. Victoria, works primarily with Sellers;  Kerri Payne, Julie Golden, Stephanie McSwain, Dona Satterfield, Teri Vestal, Deb Boler, Crystal Brown, SuJo McKee, Christy James and Kelsie Rasure  all work mainly with Buyers; and Trisha Tranum is the Director of Marketing.  SuJo McKee  handles all transactions from "contract to closing" for Victoria and Samantha Svoboda runs the front of the office handling all the incoming phone calls.  Although the agents are licensed to "do it all", we realized some time ago, that there is simply no efficient way to be a top producer and work with all of the Buyers and Sellers plus deliver the highest possible level of service all the time. In setting up our system, we observed top performers from around the nation, and learned from their success. It always came back to the same conclusion…teamwork makes the difference! Separate Seller and Buyer representation is what works. As a real estate agent that loves being involved when a buyer first discovers "the right" home, deciding to turn over that part of the process was difficult! But we had to make a decision about how we could truly deliver the best service to both Buyers and Sellers.
  • Exclusively working with Sellers

    Victoria's role on the team, in addition to team leader, has evolved into almost exclusively working with Sellers. She personally visits, makes price recommendations and lists most of the properties you see with The Victoria Printz Team, Realtors® sign in Midland. She is the primary contact person on all listings, although there will always be a "second agent contact" name and cell number on the signs, ensuring potential buyer’s an immediate response to their inquiries. We don't want prospects to "get lost" in some complicated voice mail system. She personally negotiates offers and updates sellers on prospect and agent "feedback". Victoria oversees the advertising and marketing of our listings including Internet, website, magazine and newspaper advertising. Check out our extensive advertising program - we do far more that the average local real estate company! We have a regular ad in the Midland Reporter Telegram every Sunday, plus several photo ads in the newspaper’s Saturday Gallery of Homes. You can always find several pages in the monthly Real Estate Showcase Magazine as well. Direct mail marketing is something we invest time and money into also! How about the Internet? Our website is loaded with beautiful pictures of each home and spectacular Virtual Tours! As the listing agent, Victoria also wants to be sure that our signs, riders and info boxes are well maintained and positioned to perk potential buyer’s interest! Our full color brochures are fabulous and we also compile informative packets and financing options about each property!
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To learn more about us check out our "Buying A Home" section. We are so very proud of the effective way our team works together to market properties…check out our track record and reputation…and let us go to work for you!

How We Do It!

Analyze Your Home

Market Your Home

Protect You

We analyze and help determine home values in the Midland market every day. As a top real estate expert in this market, we can help you determine exactly what your home is worth in the current market. Then, as an experienced professional, we will market your home and negotiate on your behalf to sell your home at the best possible price and the most favorable terms.
We will aggressively market your home not just locally, but on a national basis. Through our professional contacts and affiliations, as well as our advanced technology tools, we can instantly put your home listing in all of the places qualified buyers are looking. Within minutes, we can alert every realtor in the Midland area, as well as national firms that specialize in helping people relocate to new areas.
We will protect your best interests throughout the entire process. You can leverage our years of experience as a top real estate professional to answer all of your questions about every aspect of the selling and closing process. You will be informed and in control, every step of the way. It's our job to make sure your home selling experience is as comfortable and painless as possible!

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